Locking/unlocking - from the outside

Locking/unlocking from the outside is carried out using the remote control key. The remote control key can lock/unlock all doors, the tailgate and the fuel filler flap. Different sequences for unlocking can be selected.

In order that the lock sequence can be activated, the driver's door must be closed - if any of the other doors or the tailgate is open, then it/they is/are locked and the alarm is activated only when it/they are closed. For cars equipped with keyless locking system* all doors and the tailgate must be closed, see Keyless Drive* - locking and Keyless Drive* - unlocking1.


Be aware of the risk of locking the remote control key in the car.

If it is not possible to lock/unlock with the remote control key, the battery may be discharged - lock or unlock the left-hand front door with the detachable key blade.


Remember that the alarm is triggered when the door is opened after being unlocked with the key blade - the alarm is switched off when the remote control key is inserted into the ignition switch.


Be aware of the risk of being locked in the car when it is locked from the outside using the remote control key - it is then not possible to open any of the doors from the inside with the door controls. For more information, see Deadlocks*.

Automatic relocking

If none of the doors or the tailgate is opened within two minutes of unlocking, all are locked again automatically. This function prevents the car from being left unlocked unintentionally. For cars with alarm, see Alarm*.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Does not apply to remote control keys with keyless starting.