Remote unlocking and remote locking with Volvo On Call*

The car can be unlocked remotely via the Volvo On Call service centre. It can also be locked and unlocked using the Volvo On Call app.

Remote Door Unlock via a Volvo On Call service centre1

If the car's remote control key has been lost or locked in the car, it is possible to remotely unlock the car within the next five days and with assistance from a Volvo On Call service centre after the required verification with PIN code has been approved. Following which, the Volvo On Call Service Centre unlocks the car remotely according to agreement.

Contact a Volvo On Call service centre via the Volvo On Call app (or call with a phone).
When the Volvo On Call service centre has verified the car's owner or other authorised individual using the PIN code, an unlocking signal is sent to the car according to agreement.
Press gently once on the rubberised pressure plate underneath the boot lid/tailgate handle to unlock the car.
Now all doors can be opened as normal.


If the rubberised pressure plate on the boot lid/tailgate is not depressed within a certain time, predetermined by a Volvo On Call service centre, the car will be locked again.


If, for example, the car is parked in a parking garage, the remote unlocking function may possibly be limited due to poor reception.

Locking/unlocking using the app

Status for all doors and windows is shown. The driver can lock and unlock the car remotely for up to five days after the car has been locked. For security reasons, a password is required for your Volvo ID when the car is unlocked via the Volvo On Call app.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Applies to Volvo On Call markets of type A.