Remote control key - range

Remote control key functions (in its basic version) have a range of approx. 20 metres from the car.

If the car does not verify a button being pressed - move closer and try again.


The remote control key functions may be disrupted by surrounding radio waves, buildings, topographical conditions, etc. The car can always be locked/unlocked with the key blade.

If the remote control key is removed from the car when the engine is running or key position I or II is active, and if all doors are closed, then a warning message is shown in the information display in the combined instrument panel and an audio reminder signal sounds at the same time.

The message is extinguished and the audible reminder signal stops when the remote control key is brought back to the car after either/or:

  • The remote control key has been inserted in the ignition switch.
  • Speed exceeds 30 km/h.
  • The OK button has been pressed.