Navigation* - operation

Basic operation of Sensus Navigation and examples of use.

The navigation system can be operated from the centre console, steering wheel buttons, remote control* and partly with voice recognition. For basic operation of the system, see section Audio and media - operating the system.

Activate Sensus Navigation

Press the NAV button in the centre console.
After a short time a map of the current geographic area is shown where the car is symbolised by a blue triangle.


Observe the following.

  • Direct all your attention to the road and make sure that all your concentration is on driving.
  • Follow applicable traffic legislation and drive with good judgment.
  • Due to weather conditions or time of year affecting the road conditions, some recommendations may be less reliable.

The navigation system cannot be deactivated, but instead operates in the background - it is not deactivated until the remote control key is removed from the ignition switch.


The navigation system is also available when the engine is switched off. When the battery level gets too low the system switches off.


In addition to the system's normal source menu and shortcut menu there is a scroll menu for the navigation system.

In Scroll mode a crosshair is moved over the map image with the centre console's numerical keys.

P3-1346-NAV-Melco Karta Scrolläge
Scroll mode with crosshair1.

Activate/deactivate scroll mode

Activate - press one of the numerical keys 0-9.
Deactivate - press EXIT or NAV.


Press one of the numerical digit keys 1-2-3-4-6-7-8-9 - a directional arrow is shown in the margins combined with the number that will be used to scroll the map in the desired direction.


Turn the TUNE knob.

Centring the map

P3-1020-S60/V60 Symbol telefon 5

Pressing the number 5 in Scroll mode centres the map around the car's position.

If an Itinerary with Waypoints is activated, the map is centred around each respective Waypoint with each additional press.

Scroll menu

P3-1346-NAV-Melco Karta Scrollmeny
In scroll mode, press OK/MENU.
A menu opens for the point on the map to which the centre of the crosshair is pointing.

Select function:

  • Set single destination - Deletes any previous destinations in the itinerary, and starts guidance on the map.
  • Add as waypoint - Adds the selected point to the itinerary.
  • POI information - shows name and address on the screen for the POI located closest to the crosshair. For more information on POI options, see specify destination.
  • Traffic information on map - Allows you to view traffic messages2 around the selected location.
  • Information - Shows information available about the selected location.
  • Save - allows you to store the highlighted location in the memory, to then be able to specify as destination.


Guidance to desired point of interest (POI):
If the map view is not shown - press NAV.
The map view is shown.
Press NAV.
The shortcut menu is opened.
Highlight Set point of interest and confirm with OK/MENU.
Highlight e.g. Near the car and confirm with OK/MENU.
A list of hits is shown.
Highlight e.g. Nearest tourist attraction and confirm with OK/MENU.
A list of hits is shown.
Highlight the desired alternative in the list and confirm with OK/MENU.
A pop-up menu is shown.
Highlight Set single destination and confirm with OK/MENU.
Guidance starts - follow the instructions.

See also examples of voice recognition control of the navigation system.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Select whether the position of the crosshair/cursor should be shown with name or GPS coordinates, see map options.
  3. 2 The service is not available for all areas/markets.