Connecting and disconnecting a Bluetooth® device

The car is equipped with Bluetooth® and can wirelessly communicate with other Bluetooth® devices after registration and connection.

A maximum of 15 Bluetooth® devices can be registered. Registration is performed once per device. After registration the device no longer needs to be visible/searchable, but only has Bluetooth® activated.

When the Bluetooth® function is active and the last device connected is in range it is automatically connected to the car when it is started. The name of the connected device is shown in the source's normal view. To connect to another device, press OK/MENU and select change device.

When the Bluetooth® device is out of range of the car it is automatically disconnected. To manually disconnect a device - deactivate Bluetooth in the device. If you want to deregister a Bluetooth® device from the car, select Removing a Bluetooth® device. The car will then not search for the device automatically.

It is possible to have two Bluetooth® devices connected simultaneously. One phone P3-1346-x60-BT phone connected symbol and one media device P3-1346-x60-BT media playing symbol, which you can switch between.

P3-1346-x60-Active BT sources
Phone connected as both phone and as media device.