Start/Stop* - the engine does not stop

Some engine and gearbox combinations are equipped with a Start/Stop function which engages in the event of e.g. stationary traffic or waiting at traffic lights.

Although the Start/Stop function is activated, the engine does not always stop automatically.

The engine does not auto-stop if:

the car has not first achieved approx. 10 km/h (6 mph) after a key start or the last auto-stop.M + A
the driver has opened the seatbelt's buckle.M + A
the capacity of the starter battery is below the minimum permissible level.M + A
the engine does not have normal operating temperature.M + A
ambient temperature is around freezing point or above approx. 30 °C.M + A
the windscreen's electric heating is activated.M + A
the environment in the passenger compartment differs from the preset values - indicated by the ventilation fan running at a high speed.M + A
the car is reversed. M + A
the starter battery temperature is below the freezing point or is too high. M + A
the driver makes greater steering wheel movements.M + A
the exhaust system's particulate filter is full - the temporarily disengaged Start/Stop function is reactivated as soon as an automatic cleaning cycle has been performed (see Diesel particle filter (DPF)).M + A
the road is very steep.M + A
a trailer is connected electrically to the car’s electrical system.M + A
the bonnet has been opened2.M + A
the gearbox does not have normal operating temperature.A
the atmospheric air pressure is less than equivalent to 1500-2500 metres above sea level - the current air pressure varies with the prevailing weather conditions.A
adaptive cruise control Queue Assist is activated.A

the gear selector is in R, S position3 or "+/-".

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 M = Manual gearbox, A = Automatic gearbox.
  3. 2 With certain engines only.
  4. 3 Sport mode.