Switch for gas operation*

For cars with the Bi-Fuel engine alternative there is a switch to change between gas operation (CNG - Compressed Natural Gas) and petrol operation. This is located by the centre console.


P3-1517-V70 V60 Bi Fuel - CNG switch

Press the switch to change between gas operation and petrol operation.

When the switchover takes place a clicking noise can be heard in the cargo area. This is normal - the noise is created when the tank valves open.

The switch has two positions:
  • BI-FUEL illuminates in green - the car is being driven on vehicle gas
  • BI-FUEL illuminates in amber - the car is being driven on petrol (fuel gauge for vehicle gas is extinguished).

The car always starts with petrol even if gas operation is selected. When the engine has started the system automatically changes to gas operation - normally within a few seconds of a warm start.

When starting with a cold engine it will take longer before the car changes to gas operation in order to ensure the lowest possible emissions.

warning lamp

If the warning lamp in the switch illuminates, and/or repetitive acoustic signals can be heard, then the car needs servicing. Acknowledge the warning by pressing the switch and visit the nearest workshop - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.

  1. * Option/accessory.