Display texts in the combined instrument panel

Display texts in the combined instrument panel that appear in the articles are listed in the table below.
Display textMeaning
Fuel consumptionFuel consumption
Distance to empty fuel tank:Distance to empty fuel tank:
Distance to emptyRange
Average speedAverage speed

BLIS Service required



Blind-spot info system OFF


Blind-spot info system ON

BLIS Camera blockedBLIS Camera blocked
BLIS Reduced functionBLIS Reduced function
Insert car keyInsert car key
Car key not foundCar key not found
Car key battery low See manualCar key low battery charge See owner's manual
Immobiliser Try to start againImmobiliser, make new start attempt
Auto Braking was activatedAutomatic braking has been activated
Radar blocked See manualRadar blocked See owner's manual
Collision warning Service requiredCollision warning Service required
Collision warning system OFFCollision warning system OFF
Collision warning system UnavailableCollision Warning Unavailable
Lane Keeping Aid Service requiredLane Keeping Aid Service required
Lane Keeping Aid InterruptedLane Keeping Aid Standby mode
Adaptive cruise control cancelledAdaptive cruise control disengaged*
Adaptive cruise control unavailableAdaptive cruise control Unavailable*
Adaptive cruise control Service requiredAdaptive cruise control Service required*
Set ESC to Normal to enable CruiseSet ESC to Normal in order to activate cruise control
Press brake to hold vehiclePress Brake To hold car
Below 30 km/h Lead vehicle requiredBelow 30 km/h Vehicle ahead required
Driver Alert Time for a breakDriver Alert Time for a break
Driver Alert system Service requiredDriver Alert Service required
Tyre pressure system Service requiredTyre pressure system, service required
Windscreen sensors blocked See manualWindscreen sensors blocked See owner's manual
ESC Temporarily OFFESC temporarily disengaged
ESC Service requiredESC, service required
Fuel operated heater stopped Battery saving modeFuel operated heater stopped Battery saving mode
Fuel operated heater stopped Low fuel levelFuel operated heater stopped Low fuel level
Fuel operated heater Service requiredFuel operated heater Service required
Parking heaterParking heater
Indoor parkingParking inside
Direct startDIRECT START
Auto OnAuto ON
Auto heater ONAuto heater ON
Auto heater OFFAuto heater OFF
Lane Departure Warning ONLane departure warning ON
Lane Departure Warning OFFLane departure warning OFF
Auto braking by City SafetyAutomatic braking by City Safety
City Safety Service requiredCity Safety, service required
Time for regular maintenanceTime for regular maintenance
Book time for maintenanceBook time for maintenance
Maintenance overdueMaintenance overdue
Transmission Oil change neededTransmission Oil change needed
Transmission Reduced performanceTransmission Reduced performance
Low battery charge Power save modeLow battery charge Power save mode
Transmission hot Reduce speedTransmission hot Reduce speed
Transmission hot Stop safely Wait for coolingTransmission hot Stop safely Wait for cooling
Digital speedDigital speed
Additional heater Additional heater
TC options Trip comp. opt.
T1 and total dist.Trip meter T1
T2 and total dist.Trip meter T2
Service statusService status
Oil level Oil level
Not availableNot available
Messages Messages
Contrast modeContrast mode
Colour modeColour mode
Trip computer resetTrip computer reset
Alcoguard Please blow for 5 secondsAlcoguard Blow for 5 seconds
Alcoguard Please blow harderAlcoguard Blow harder
Alcoguard Please blow longerAlcoguard Blow longer
Alcoguard Please blow softerAlcoguard Blow softer
Alcoguard Bypass enabledAlcoguard Bypass activated
Alcoguard preheating Please waitAlcoguard preheating Please wait
Alcoguard Approved testAlcoguard Approved test
Alcoguard No signal receivedAlcoguard No signal received
Alcoguard Calibration required See manualAlcoguard Calibration required See owner's manual
Alcoguard Please try againAlcoguard Try again
Alcoguard Service requiredAlcoguard Service required
Alcoguard Please insert power cableAlcoguard Insert power cable
Alcoguard Restart possibleAlcoguard Restart possible
Bypass activated Please wait for 1 minuteBypass activated Please wait 1 minute
Disapproved test Wait 1 minute to try againDisapproved test, Wait 1 minute and try again
Rear child lock activatedRear child locks activated
Headlamp system malfunction Service requiredHeadlamp system malfunction Service required
Active main beam Temporary unavailable Switch manuallyActive high beam Temporary unavailable Switch manually
Soot filter full See manualSoot filter full See owner's manual
Auto Start/Stop Service requiredAuto Start/Stop Service required
Autostart Engine runningAutostart the Engine
Select P or N to startSelect P or N to start
Press start buttonPress Start button
Depress clutch pedal to startDepress the clutch pedal to start
Depress brake and clutch pedals to startDepress the brake and clutch pedals to start
Put gear in neutral to startPUT GEAR IN NEUTRAL TO START
Tyre pressure low Check front right tyreLow tyre pressure. Check right front tyre
Tyre pressure low Check front left tyreLow tyre pressure. Check left front tyre
Tyre pressure low Check rear right tyreLow tyre pressure. Check right rear tyre
Tyre pressure low Check rear left tyreLow tyre pressure. Check left rear tyre
Tyre pressure low Check tyresTyre pressure low Check the tyres
Tyre needs air now Check front right tyreTyres need inflation now. Check right front tyre
Tyre needs air now Check front left tyreTyres need inflation now. Check left front tyre
Tyre needs air now Check rear right tyreTyres need inflation now. Check right rear tyre
Tyre needs air now Check rear left tyreTyres need inflation now. Check left rear tyre
SRS airbag Service requiredSRS airbag, service required
SRS airbag Service urgentSRS airbag, service urgent
Volvo On Call Service requiredVolvo On Call Service required
Volvo On Call subscription will soon expireVolvo On Call subscription Will soon expire
Trailer brake light malfunctionTrailer brake light malfunction
Trailer indicator malfunctionTrailer indicator malfunction
Oil level low Refill 0.5 litreOil level low Refill 0.5 litre
Oil service requiredOil service required
Handbrake not fully releasedPark brake not fully released
Handbrake not appliedParking brake not applied
Handbrake Service requiredParking brake, service required
Park Assist System Service requiredPark assist syst, Service required
High engine temperature Turn off engineHigh engine temperature Stop the engine
High engine temperature Stop safelyHigh engine temperature Stop safely
Engine coolant level low Stop safelyCoolant level low Stop safely
Normal modeNormal mode
Safety mode See manualSafety mode See owner's manual
Transmission hot Brake to holdTransmission hot Brake to cool
Transmission hot Park safely Let engine runTransmission hot Park safely Let engine run
Transmission cooling Let engine runTransm. cooling let engine run

Engine preheating

Engine preheating

No remote start Too many triesNo remote start. Too many attempts
No remote start Low fuel levelNo remote start Low fuel level
No remote start Gear not in PNo remote start Gear not in P position
No remote start Driver in carNo remote start Driver in car
No remote start Low batteryNo remote start Low battery voltage
No remote start Engine warningNot remote start, engine warning
Remote start off Engine coolant level lowNo remote start. Low coolant level
No remote start Door openNo remote start Door open
No remote start Bonnet openNo remote start Bonnet open
No remote start Car not lockedNo remote start Car not locked
No remote star Key in carNo remote start Key in car
Remote start off Gear not in PRemote start off Gear not in P position
Remote start off Driver in carRemote start off Driver in car
Remote start off Engine warningRemote start off Engine warning
Remote start off Bonnet openRemote start off Bonnet open
Remote start off Low batteryRemote start off Low battery voltage
Remote start off Low fuel levelRemote start off Low fuel level
Brake pedal characteristics changed Service requiredBrake pedal characteristics changed Service required
Passenger seatPassenger seat
Driver seatDriver's seat
Outdoor parkingOutdoor parking
Preconditioning stopped Hybrid battery temperature highPreconditioning stopped Hybrid battery too hot
Preconditioning stopped due to malfunctionPreconditioning stopped due to malfunction
Preconditioning interrupted by power supply changePreconditioning stopped due to changed power supply
Messages (##)Messages (##)
  1. * Option/accessory.