Bi-Fuel* - introduction to vehicle gas

Cars with Bi-Fuel engines can be driven on either vehicle gas or petrol. Vehicle gas can be biogas or natural gas. Vehicle gas is also called CNG (Compressed Natural Gas).

Methane is the main component in vehicle gas. In natural gas, the methane content varies between 85% and 98%. In biogas, the content is almost 100%.

The tanks for vehicle gas are mounted under the floor in the cargo area and do not affect the normal petrol tank.

The system is tested in the same way as for petrol cars. The system is closed which means that leaks are avoided during filling, for example. The gas tanks are protected and are made to withstand a collision. The gas is lighter than air, non-toxic and has a higher ignition temperature than petrol and diesel. The risk of fire or explosions in the event of traffic accidents is therefore lower than with petrol and diesel.

The tank is equipped with a safety valve that allows the gas to evacuate from the tank in the event of abnormally high pressures. This valve ensures that the tank cannot explode.


In the event of an accident, the vehicle must be inspected and approved by an authorised Volvo workshop before it may be used again. Always notify the emergency services on site that the vehicle is equipped with a CNG-system.


Smoking and naked flames are prohibited during refuelling, service and repair work. In the event of a possible fire, leave the vehicle immediately and stand a safe distance away.

Do not under any circumstances disassemble or adjust the system or its component parts yourself. Carrying out such acts entails risk of serious personal injury. All service and repair work must therefore, for safety reasons, only be carried out by a trained mechanic - an authorized Volvo workshop is recommended.


If you smell gas in or around the vehicle, switch over to petrol immediately and have the vehicle checked by the nearest trained mechanics.

If the car is placed in a spray/paint curing booth with a drying temperature higher than 60 °C the system pressure must not exceed 50 bar, check that the CNG tank is almost empty for this.

  1. * Option/accessory.