Filling vehicle gas*

Points to remember when filling vehicle gas (CNG - Compressed Natural Gas) for cars with the Bi-Fuel engine alternative.


Vehicle gas is filled via the gas nipple that is located next to the fuel cap inside the fuel filler flap.

P3-1517-V70 V60 Bi Fuel - Fuel Cap
Open the fuel filler flap and remove the nipple's protective cover.
Push the nozzle towards the nipple and make sure that the hose nozzle is attached by turning the handle on the nozzle to the left.
Then hold the start button on the gas pump depressed for approx. 5 seconds.
The tank is filled in a couple of minutes.
Remove the nozzle by turning its handle to the right.
Refit the nipple's protective cover and close the fuel filler flap.

Filling stations for vehicle gas

P3-1517 V70 V60 CNG-sign Bi Fuel

Road sign for filling stations that offer vehicle gas.

  1. * Option/accessory.