Position lamps

Position lamps can be used so that other road users can see the car if it stops or is parked. The position lamp is switched on with the rotating ring on the stalk switch.
P5-1617 Stalk with turning ring in positionlight position
Stalk switch rotating ring in position lamps position.

Turn the rotating ring to the P5-1507 Symbol position light position - the position lamps are switched on (number plate lighting is switched on at the same time).

If the car is in drive mode, the daytime running lights are switched on instead of the front position lamps.

If the car is stationary but running, the rotating ring can be moved to the position lamp P5-1507 Symbol position light position from another position to switch on only the position lamps instead of other lighting.

When driving for more than 30 seconds at max. 10 km/h (approx. 6 mph), or if the speed exceeds 10 km/h (approx. 6 mph), the daytime running lights are switched on. The driver should turn to a position other than P5-1507 Symbol position light.

If the tailgate is opened when it is dark outside, the rear position lamps come on (if not already switched on) to warn road users approaching from behind.