Lane Keeping Aid (LKA) - operation

Lane Keeping Aid (Lane Keeping Aid) is complemented in the combined instrument panel with intuitive graphics in different situations. Here are some examples:


LKA is temporarily deactivated for as long as the direction indicator is switched on.
P4-1420-LKA Tracking both sides
LKA "sees" and follows the side lines.

If Lane Keeping Aid is active and detects/"sees" the side lines, the LKA symbol indicates this with WHITE lines.

  • GREY side line - Lane Keeping Aid does not see a line on that side of the car.
P4-1220-LKA Intervention on right side
LKA intervenes on the right-hand side.

Lane Keeping Aid intervenes and steers away from the side line - this is indicated with:

  • RED line for the side in question.