Connecting an external audio source via AUX/USB input

An external audio source, e.g. an iPod® or MP3 player, can be connected to the audio system via any of the connections in the centre console.
P3_1320_S/V60_AUX USB connectors
Connection points for external audio sources.
To connect the audio source:
Connect your audio source to one of the connections in the centre console's storage compartment (see illustration).
In the normal view for the media source, press MEDIA, turn TUNE to the desired audio source USB, iPod or AUX and press OK/MENU.

The text Reading USB is shown in the screen when the system is loading the storage media's file structure. Depending on the file structure and number of files there may be some delay before loading is finished.


The system supports most iPod® models produced in 2005 or later.


To prevent damage to the USB connection, this is shut off if the USB connection is short-circuited or if a connected USB unit is taking too much power (this may happen if the unit connected does not meet the USB standard). The USB connection is reactivated automatically the next time the ignition is turned on, unless the fault persists.