Alcohol lock*

The function of the alcohol lock is to prevent the car from being driven by individuals under the influence of alcohol. Before the car can be started, a breath test must be performed to ensure that the driver is not under the influence of alcohol.

The car's system adapts when an alcohol lock is connected to the car. This way, the driver can easily receive messages from the alcohol lock directly in the driver display. Alcohol lock calibration takes place in accordance with each market's limit value in force for driving legally.

For information about a specific alcohol lock, please refer to the relevant alcohol lock manufacturer.


The alcohol lock is an aid and does not exempt the driver from responsibility. It is always the responsibility of the driver to be sober and to drive the car safely.

Using an alcohol lock

The alcohol lock is activated automatically and is then ready for use when the car is unlocked.

In order to obtain correct function and as accurate a measurement result as possible:

  • Avoid eating or drinking approx. 5 minutes before the breath test.
  • Avoid excess windscreen washing - the alcohol in the washer fluid may result in an incorrect measurement result.


After a completed period of driving, the car can be restarted within 30 minutes without a new breath test.

Bypassing the alcohol lock

In the event of an emergency situation or if the alcohol lock is out of order, it is possible to bypass the alcohol lock in order to drive the car.

To deactivate the alcohol lock, see the alcohol lock manufacturer's instructions.

  1. * Option/accessory.