Driver airbags

As a supplement to the seatbelts, the car is equipped with steering wheel airbag and knee airbag1 on the driver's side.
P5-22w22-XC60–Safety–Driver airbags
Steering wheel airbag and knee airbag1 on the driver's side in the front seat.

In the event of a frontal collision, the airbags help to protect the head, neck, face and chest of the driver as well as the knees and legs.

A sufficiently violent collision trips the sensors and the airbag/airbags is inflated. The airbag cushions the initial collision impact for the occupant. The airbag deflates when compressed by the collision. When this occurs, smoke escapes into the car. This is completely normal. The entire process, including inflation and deflation of the airbag, occurs within tenths of a second.


The seatbelts and airbags interact. If the belt is not used or is used incorrectly, this may diminish the protection provided by the airbag in the event of a collision.

To minimise the risk of injury if the airbag deploys, passengers must sit as upright as possible with their feet on the floor and backs against the backrest.


Volvo recommends that an authorised Volvo workshop should be contacted for repair. Defective work in the airbag system could cause malfunction and result in serious personal injury.

Steering wheel airbag location

This airbag is fitted into the centre of the steering wheel. The steering wheel is marked AIRBAG.

Knee airbag1 location

The airbag is folded up in the lower part of the instrument panel on the driver's side. Its cover panel is marked AIRBAG.


Do not place or attach any object on the top or front of the panel where the knee airbag is stowed.
  1. 1 The car is only equipped with knee airbag in certain markets.

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