Display mode for lane assistance

Lane assistance (LKA1) is visualised by symbols in the driver display depending on the situation.
Px-2037-iCup-Lane Keeping Aid symbol in driver display

Here are some examples of symbols and the situations in which they are shown:


Px-2037-iCup-Lane Keeping Aid lane lines detected
Available – the lane lines in the symbol are white.

Lane assistance is scanning one or both lane lines.


Px-2037-iCup-Lane Keeping Aid cannot detect lines
Unavailable – the lane lines in the symbol are extinguished.

The Lane assistance cannot detect the lane lines, the speed is too low or the road is too narrow.

Indication of steering assistance/warning

Px-2037-iCup-Lane Keeping Aid steering assistance
Steering assistance/warning – the lane lines in the symbol are coloured.

Lane assistance indicates that the system is giving a warning and/or attempting to steer the car back into the lane.

  1. 1 Lane Keeping Aid