Support battery

The car is equipped with a support battery that helps during the Start/Stop function's starting sequence.

The battery is either a 12 V battery or, if the car is the mild hybrid* type, a 48 V battery that also allows regenerative braking while driving.


P5-1507 Support battery location
12 V support battery is located in the engine compartment.
P5-1917-XC60-48V battery
Cars of the mild hybrid type have a 48 V support battery under the cargo area. The battery must only be handled by an authorised workshop.

Support battery maintenance

The support battery normally requires no more service than the normal starter battery. A workshop should be contacted in the event of questions or problems - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.


If the 12 V battery is replaced, make sure you replace it with a battery with the same size, cold starting capacity and type as the original battery. Volvo recommends that you use an authorised Volvo workshop for replacing the battery.


Mild hybrid type cars have components that work with 48 V voltage, which can be dangerous in the event of incorrect intervention. Do not touch components that are not clearly described in the owner's manual.

  • 48 V support battery must never be used for jump starting.
  • External electrical equipment must not, under any circumstances, be connected to the 48 V battery.
  • The 48 V battery may only be serviced and replaced by a workshop – an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.

Specifications for support battery

Battery typeAGM
Voltage (V)12
Cold start capacity1 - CCA2 (A)170
Size, L×B×H150×90×130 mm (5.9×3.5×5.1 inches)
Capacity (Ah)10

If the car is the mild hybrid* type, the support battery is a lithium-ion type 48 V battery.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 According to EN standard.
  3. 2 Cold Cranking Amperes.