Regulating temperature for rear seat*

The temperature can be set to the desired number of degrees for the rear seat's climate zones.

Regulating temperature for rear seat from front seat

P5P6-22w22-iCup-Climate icon
Open climate view in the centre display by pressing the symbol in the middle of the climate row.
Select the Rear tab.
Tap on the arrows to the side of the temperature to increase or decrease the temperature.
The temperature changes and the button shows the set temperature.

Regulating temperature for rear seat from rear seat

Press the unlocking button on the tunnel console climate panel to access the controls.
P5-1717–Climate–Rear climate controls temperature
Temperature control on the climate panel at the rear of the tunnel console.
Press the left or right-hand side </> buttons on the tunnel console's climate panel in order to lower/raise the temperature gradually.
The temperature changes and the screen in the climate panel shows the set temperature.


Heating or cooling cannot be hastened by selecting a higher or lower temperature than the actual desired temperature.
  1. * Option/accessory.

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