Drive modes*

Adapt the drive mode according to the situation the car is being driven in.

Selectable drive modes

Three drive modes can be selected: Comfort, Polestar Engineered and Off-road.

Cars not equipped with Polestar Engineered have the Comfort and Off-road drive modes.

The different drive modes are adapted to provide as good driving characteristics as possible in terms of the following:

  • steering
  • engine/gearbox/all-wheel drive
  • brakes
  • air suspension* and shock absorption
  • driver display
  • start/stop function
  • climate settings.

Indication in the driver display

P5-22w22-iCup-Drive mode in driver display non hybrids
The figure is schematic

The driver display indicates the drive mode selected.


When the car starts, it is in the Comfort mode. These settings mean that the car feels comfortable, the steering is light, the shock absorption is soft, and the movement of the body is smooth. This drive mode is the certification mode for carbon dioxide emissions.

Volvo recommends that you use the Comfort mode for normal driving on motorways or extra-urban driving, for example.

Points to remember when driving with the Comfort mode

  • the start/stop function is activated from start.

Polestar Engineered1

In the Polestar Engineered mode, the gear changes become faster and more distinct, and the gearbox prioritises a gear with greater traction. Steering response is faster and shock absorption harder.

Volvo recommends that you use the Polestar Engineered mode when you want sportier characteristics and faster response to acceleration.

Points to remember when driving with the Polestar Engineered mode

  • the ground clearance is lower in order to reduce roll during cornering
  • start/stop function is deactivated.


The Off-road drive mode means that the steering is light, and that the all-wheel drive operation* and low speed function with hill descent control (Hill Descent Control) are activated.

Volvo recommends that you use the Off-road mode when you want increased traction and for driving in difficult terrain and on poor roads.

Points to remember when driving with the Off-road mode

  • start/stop function is deactivated
  • the car has higher ground clearance2
  • the drive mode is only available at low speed
  • fuel consumption may increase


The Off-road drive mode is not designed to be used on public roads.


If the car is switched off in Off-road mode, and therefore has high ground clearance, the car is lowered next time it is started.


The Off-road drive mode must not be used while driving with a trailer without trailer connector. Otherwise, there is a risk of damage to the air bellows.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Only available on certain markets.
  3. 2 Applies only to cars with air suspension