Connecting the Volvo Cars app* to the car

To be able to use the services in the Volvo Cars app, the app needs to be connected to the car first.

When a main user (administrator) has linked his/her app to the car, more users of the car can be added.

Connect the Volvo Cars app to the car

Make sure your car is in an area with mobile coverage and that your mobile device has an Internet connection.

Ensure that you have your Volvo ID and the Vehicle Identification Number. A Volvo ID can be created when logging in to the Volvo Cars app, and you can find the Vehicle Identification Number in the windscreen or centre display, for example.

If you are the main user (administrator), all of the car’s keys need to be taken with you. For other users, one of the car’s keys is sufficient. The first user to link his/her app to the car must be logged-in to the Owner profile and be carrying all of the car’s keys.

Sit in the car.
Sign in to the Volvo Cars app with your Volvo ID and follow the instructions in the app. If you have already a car connected in the app and want to add a further one, select Px-2037-VOC app icon Profile, Connected cars and Add a car.


It is recommended that every user creates a personal Volvo ID in order to enjoy a more customised experience and support.
Make sure that data sharing for the Volvo Cars app is enabled. In the centre display, tap on iCup-2037-Settings symbol, select Privacy, Volvo privacy settings and then Volvo Cars app.
Go to iCup-2037-Settings symbol, select Profiles and then Volvo Cars app devices in order to access the menu for connecting the app to the car.
Follow the instructions in the centre display and the Volvo Cars app.

Difference between administrator and non-administrator in the Volvo Cars app

The car's Owner profile must be linked to the app before linking can take place for another profile. To be allocated the administrator role requires that all of the car’s keys are in the car when the app is linked.

A user that is administrator in the app can
  • see which mobiles or other devices are linked with the car
  • remove own and other linked phones/devices from the car.
A user that is not administrator in the app can
  • see that own phone/device is linked with the car
  • remove own phone/device.

Switching between several connected cars in the Volvo Cars app

If you have connected several cars to the Volvo Cars app, switch between these as follows:
Go to the Px-2037-VOC app icon Profile tab.
Select Connected cars.
Highlight the car in question and select Switch to this car.

Tips for using the Volvo Cars app

If you experience disruptions with the Volvo Cars app, ensure that the car to which the app is linked is outdoors in an open area with mobile coverage, and that your mobile device has a good Internet connection. If the disruptions persist, read more in the section with frequently asked questions about the Volvo Cars app at or contact Volvo's Customer Service.

If the car is a used car, you should check that access to Volvo Assistance is activated in the car.

  1. * Option/accessory.