Software updates

The car's software is updated through its connection to the mobile network, which is designated OTA (over-the-air).

The notification view shows when a new software update is available. You can choose when to install it after it has been downloaded. Update the software in the car as soon as possible when an update is available.



The software in declared ordinary software release windows does not affect certification, safety, emissions or non-compliance.

The download takes place in the background via mobile network1. It may take several hours, depending on the size of the update and the speed of the connection.

The following is required in order to download updates:
  • the car is connected to the Internet2.
  • approval of the use of online services.


Depending on software version, download may start automatically, or be started via the notification of an available software update.

Installing an update

Once a software update has been downloaded and is ready for installation, this is shown in the notification view and by a message when the car is started. You can choose to install the update immediately, or have a further reminder at a later date.

Update view is accessed via iCup-2037-Settings symbol, System, System details, Software update. There you can also see the current version number of the software in the car.


The installation of the software update may take up to 90 minutes. During this time, the car will be locked and its functions unavailable. Bear this in mind when scheduling the update.
During installation:
The notification view shows when an update is ready for installation. Open the notification and follow the instructions in the centre display.
Leave the car, close all doors, and lock the car.
The installation is started. The car must be locked within several minutes otherwise the installation is cancelled.
Wait until the installation is finished.
The installation may take up to 90 minutes. When the installation is finished the car can be used as normal.


  • If possible, avoid handling the car, its charging cable and other functions during the installation.
  • If you need to enter the car while installation is in progress, you must use the key blade.
  • The car's anti-theft alarm is disarmed during installation in order to avoid false alarms.

Always read through what the update contains so that you know how the car and its functions are affected.

If the installation fails, the car's systems are reset to the latest installed version.


It is important to install software updates as soon as possible in order to avoid the risks that may be associated with old software. If you experience problems with the update – contact your Volvo dealer.

Information on contents

Tap on the information symbol in the centre display for more information on the content of the software update.


Functionality after updating may vary depending on market, model, model year and options.
  1. 1 Applies to cars with software 2.9 or later. For cars with older software, the download is only possible when the car is being driven. It can therefore take several drive cycles before the software is downloaded.
  2. 2 Use of the Internet involves data transfer (data traffic), which may involve charges. Volvo meets the cost of data traffic for system updates unless a personal SIM card is installed.