Activating and deactivating the automatic brake at a standstill

The automatic brake function at a standstill is activated using the button in the tunnel console.
P5-22w22-Auto hold button
Press the button in the tunnel console to activate or deactivate the function.
The indicator in the button illuminates when the function is activated. Activated function remains even when the car is started next time.

Applicable when switching off

P5P6-21w22-iCup-Auto hold symbol

If the function is active and holds the car with the foot brake (A-symbol illuminated in the driver display), the brake pedal must be depressed at the same time as the button is depressed in order to deactivate.

  • The function remains deactivated until it is reactivated.
  • When the function is deactivated, brake assist remains active to prevent the car from rolling backwards when starting on an uphill gradient.