Using voice control

Google Assistant makes it possible to use voice control to control different functions in the car or, for example, to ask for other information such as a weather forecast.

Starting Google Assistant

There are three different ways to start Google Assistant, as follows:

  • by saying the voice command "Ok Google" or "Hey Google"1
  • by pressing briefly on the steering wheel button for voice control P5–1507–Voice control button.
  • by tapping on the microphone in the centre display iCup-2037-Google Assistant microphone icon.

The system shows that it is active and listening by means of a brief audible signal2 and a graphic confirmation in the centre display.

Example of voice control

After the system has started, different requests can be made by speaking freely. Here are some examples of how to use voice control.

  • "Navigate home" – Show route description to the address stored in Maps as home address for the Google account used for login.
  • "Read my messages." – Reads out text messages sent to the phone.
  • "Raise the temperature" – Raises the temperature in the passenger compartment.
  • "Play music" – Plays back music in selected media app.

Being logged in with a Google account means that the assistant is more personalised when the car is connected to the internet. For example, it is possible to call contacts stored in or ask about entries in Google Calendar.


Google Assistant is not yet available in all languages. Read more at for availability or, if possible, try another language.


The instructions above are general descriptions and include third-party suppliers. Availability, procedure and functionality are subject to change or variation.
  1. 1 "Hey Google" only works in certain languages.
  2. 2 When a voice command is used to start the system, you will only hear the audible signal if you pause before you continue your request.