Adjusting rearview mirror dimming

Bright light from behind could be reflected in the rearview mirrors and dazzle the driver. Use dimming when disturbed by light from behind.

Manual dimming

The interior rearview mirror can be dimmed with a control in the mirror's lower edge.

P5-1507 Interior rear view mirror
  1. P5-Icon red circle 1Control for manual dimming.
Use dimming by moving the control in towards the passenger compartment.
Return to normal mode by moving the control towards the windscreen.

In cars with controls for manual dimming, there is no option for automatic* dimming.

Automatic dimming*

If bright light comes from behind, the rearview mirrors automatically dim when it is dark outside or when the light is limited, for example when driving in tunnels.

It is possible to set whether automatic dimming should be active during driving or not via the centre display.

Press iCup-2037-Settings symbol in the centre display.
Press Controls.
Select the desired setting under Mirror auto-dimming.

Dimming is adjusted automatically using light sensors in the interior rearview mirror.


If the sensors are obscured by e.g. parking permits, transponders, sun visors or objects in the seats or in the cargo area in such a way that light is prevented from reaching the sensors, then the dimming function of the interior rearview and door mirrors is reduced.
  1. * Option/accessory.