Setting the speed limit for Care Key

The speed limit for Care Key is set in the centre display.
The speed limit for Care Key can only be set from a profile with administrative privileges. To access the settings:
Press iCup-2037-Settings symbol in the centre display.
Select Profiles.
Select Care key.
Activate Speed limit and select the desired maximum speed1.
The speed limit is activated when the car is used with Care Key.

The car must be unlocked using a key without limit in order to deactivate the function. The speed limit for Care Key can be deactivated via settings in the centre display. Care Key can then be used like a regular key.

Indication in driver display

An active speed limit is indicated by a symbol in the driver display as well as a message Speed limitation cannot be exceeded Care Key in use. A yellow dotted line on the speedometer shows the current speed limitation.

PX-2222-Care Key speed limit symbol
Speed limitation is active.
  1. 1 A possible interval is 50-150 km/h (30-95 mph), with increments of 10 km/h (5 mph).