Symbols and messages for assistance at risk of collision

A number of symbols and messages regarding assistance at risk of collision1 can be shown in the driver display. Here are some examples.
P6-2037-XC40BEV-Lane Keeping Aid malfunction symbol
Automatic intervention Collision AvoidanceWhen the function is activated, a message is shown to the driver indicating that the system has been activated.
P5P6-21w48-iCup-Collision Avoidance
Collision Avoidance system unavailableThe system is temporarily out of order or is working with reduced performance.
P5P6-21w48-iCup-Collision Avoidance
Collision Avoidance Reduced functionality Service requiredThe system does not function as it should. Contacting a workshop.
P6-2037-XC40BEV-User manual symbol
Windscreen sensor blocked See Owner's manualThe ability of the camera to scan the roadway in front of the car is reduced.

A text message can be cleared by briefly pressing the P5–1507–Symbol-OK button button, located in the centre of the steering wheel's right-hand keypad.

If a message remains, contact a workshop - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.

  1. 1 Collision Avoidance