Connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi

The car can be connected to a Wi-Fi network if required.

If the car is, for example, parked outside a house with a Wi-Fi network, or if you share the Internet via a mobile phone, it is possible to connect the car to the network.

If you share the Internet via the mobile phone, remember to first enable internet sharing on the phone.

To connect the car to a Wi-Fi network:
Go to settings iCup-2037-Settings symbol at the bottom of the centre display and then tap on Connectivity.
Tap on the row for Wi-Fi in order to show a list of available networks. Not all networks are allowed to connect. If the network you want to connect is not on the list of available networks, see the following details.
Select the desired network, enter the password and connect.


These are the identified requirements for making the Wi-Fi access points available for use with Android:

  • WPA2 with password (CCMP).
    • A password is required.
  • Not allowed/possible:
    • Network without encryption (open network).
    • WPA3.
    • WEP.
    • WPA (with TKIP).
    • WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) enabled routers. Also possible with a WPA2 connection (most home routers are WPS enabled). If your home router has WPS functionality enabled, it will not be available due to limited security when managing WPS access. To connect to a WPA2 network with WPS, disable WPS on the router.