Voice recognition control of the phone

Command for voice recognition control of a Bluetooth-connected mobile phone to e.g. call a contact, a number, or to listen to a message.

To specify a contact in the phone book, the voice recognition command must include contact information that is entered in the phone book. If a contact, e.g. Robyn Smith, has several phone numbers then the number category can also be stated, e.g. Home or Mobile: "Call Robin Smith Mobile".

Tap on P5–1507–Voice control button and say one of the following commands:
  • "Call [contact]" - dials the selected contact from the phone book.
  • "Call [phone number]" - dials the phone number.
  • "Recent calls" - displays the call list.
  • "Read message" - message is read out. If there are several messages - select which message should be read out.