Replacing daytime running light bulb/position lamp bulb, front

The bulb for the daytime running light/position lamp in halogen headlamps can be replaced by the driver.

Before the bulb can be replaced, the oval cover of the headlamp must be removed; see the section "Removing the headlamp's oval cover".


Detach the main beam bulb by rotating the bulb holder upwards and pulling straight out. The position/warning lamp bulb will then be easier to reach.
P5-1507 DRL/position light bulb replacement
Pull the bulb holder straight out.
Detach the bulb by pulling it straight out.
Replace the bulb.
Fit the bulb holder into the socket and press it into place.
If the main beam bulb has been removed, fit it into the socket and screw in. The lamp can only be secured in one position.

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