Save the destination with "Send to Car"

A destination can be specified in different ways - using the Send to Car function (Send to Car) is one of them.

Send to Car (Send to car) is a function that makes it possible to add a destination or position to the car's navigation system via a computer.

The Send to Car function can also be effected with a mobile telephone via Volvo's VOC (Volvo On Call) service. VOC can even be used if a destination/position needs to be sent to the car from the VOC centre.

P5-1507-NAVI-Send to car-KARTA
Mark the desired position and select "Send this location to car".
P5-1507-NAVI-Send to car-SEND
Type in the VIN no. or Volvo ID and select "Send".
  1. Connect to the internet ( - a map service is opened
  2. Connect to the Internet - a map service is opened
  3. Mark the desired position
  4. Select "Send this location to car"
  5. Type in the car's VIN no. or Volvo ID
  6. Select "Send" - the position is sent to the car's Library list where it is identified with a blue cursor.

In the car a highlighted symbol on the centre display then alerts the driver to the fact that a destination or position has been sent to the car. Press the symbol and an information card shows information about the contents and available alternatives.

Note that the procedure shown here is only one example from one of several map service suppliers.

More information about other suppliers and the Send to Car function is available on the Volvo Cars support page (