Check tyre pressure with the tyre pressure monitoring system1

With the system for monitoring tyre pressure, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), tyre pressure can be viewed in the centre display.

Checking status


Open the Car status app in the app view and tap on Status to show the measured tyre pressure values.

The graphics show the air pressure for each tyre.

P5-1507-tyre pressure monitoring status
Status view2.

Status indication

When tyre pressure is normal (i.e. exceeds the permitted limit value for low tyre pressure), only the tyre pressure value will be shown.

  • A yellow marking under the tyre pressure value indicates low tyre pressure. Stop and check/rectify the tyre pressure as soon as possible.
  • A red marking under the tyre pressure value indicates very low tyre pressure. Stop and rectify the tyre pressure immediately.
  • If the tyre pressure value is not shown, you may need to drive for a few minutes above 30 km/h (20 mph) for a value to be displayed. This may indicate that the system has not yet measured a value, or that a calibration is being performed.
  • A flashing indicator symbol that changes to a constant glow after about 1 minute, accompanied by the message Service required, indicates a fault in the system.

Settings for tyre pressure monitoring

Change the unit for tyre pressure via the centre display:

Press on Settings in the top view:
Press SystemUnits.
Under Tyre Pressure, select the desired unit for tyre pressure: Bar, kPa or Psi.
  1. 1 Standard in certain markets.
  2. 2 The figure is schematic. Layout may vary depending on car model or updated software.