Specifying a destination with an address

A destination can be specified in different ways - specifying an address is one of them.
1507-P5-Navi-Symbol Set dest.

Tap on Set dest. (Set dest.), at the bottom of the screen - the map image changes to search via address with its search field.

P5-1507-NAVI-Ange resmål Adress
Example of a search field - they may vary depending on the market/region.

Note that the search options described here are not available for all markets/regions - the screen shows only the available search options for the current search area.

Select one of the available text field options and type using the centre display keyboard:
  • Country (Country)/State/Province
  • City (City)/Territory/Postcode
  • Address (Address)
  • Number (Number)
  • Junction (Junction)