Active bending lights

Active bending lights are designed to provide maximum illumination in bends and junctions.

Cars with LED1 headlamps* have active bending lights.

P5-1507 Light pattern ABL
Headlamp pattern with function deactivated (left) and activated (right) respectively.

LED headlamps include the active bending lights function. Active bending lights follow steering wheel movements to provide maximum illumination in bends and junctions and thereby increase safety.

The function is activated automatically when the car is started. In the event of a fault in the function, the P5-1507 Symbol ABL symbol illuminates in the driver display at the same time as the driver display shows an explanatory text.

The function is only active in twilight or darkness and only when the car is moving.

Deactivating/activating the function

The function is in activated mode when the car is delivered from the factory and can be deactivated/activated via the centre display in two ways:

Via the function view


Press the Active Bending Lights button.

Via settings

Press Settings in the top view.
Press My CarLightsExterior Lights.
Deselect/select Active Bending Lights.
  1. 1 LED (Light Emitting Diode)
  2. * Option/accessory.