Automatic braking when stationary

Automatic braking when stationary (Auto Hold) means that the driver can release the brake pedal while maintaining braking effect when the car has stopped at traffic lights or a junction.

When the car has stopped, the brakes are activated automatically. The function can use either foot brake or parking brake to hold the car stationary and it works on all gradients. When the accelerator pedal is depressed again, the brakes are released.

When braking to a stop on a downhill or uphill gradient - depress the brake pedal a bit harder before releasing to ensure that the car does not roll at all.

If the driver switches off the engine when the car is stationary, the parking brake is applied.

Switch for automatic brake

P5-1507-Auto hold brake button
The switch illuminates when the function is activated.

Activate or deactivate Auto Hold with the switch in the tunnel console. The function remains deactivated until it is reactivated.

When the function is deactivated, hill start assist (HSA) remains active to prevent the car from rolling backwards when starting on an uphill gradient.

Symbols in the driver display

P5-1507 Symbol Auto hold
The symbol is illuminated when the function uses the foot brake to keep the car stationary.
P5-1507 Symbol Park brake
The symbol is illuminated when the function uses the parking brake to keep the car stationary.