Parking heater*

The parking heater helps the passenger compartment reach the correct temperature before driving.

The parking heater is one of two subfunctions of the car's heater. The heater is fitted in the front right-hand wheel housing.


When the heater is running, smoke may be emitted from the right-hand front wheel housing and a low hum may be heard. This is perfectly normal.

The parking heater starts automatically when extra heat is required if the parking climate control's preconditioning* is activated.

It is then switched off automatically when the right temperature, the time of a set timer or the heater's maximum running time has been reached.

The heater's maximum running time is 40 minutes.


Make sure there is enough fuel in the car's normal fuel tank if the heater needs to be used.

Make sure that there is enough charge in the starter battery if the heater needs to be used.


Repeated use of the parking heater combined with short journeys may discharge the battery and impair starting.

If the heater is used on a regular basis, then the car should be driven for the same amount of time that the heater is used in order to ensure that the car's battery is recharged with the same amount of energy as consumed by the parking heater. The parking heater is used for a maximum of 40 minutes each time.


Do not use preconditioning if the car is equipped with a heater*:

  • In unventilated spaces indoors. Exhaust gases are emitted if the heater starts.
  • In locations with combustible or flammable material nearby. Fuel, gas, long grass, sawdust, etc. may ignite.
  • When there is a risk that the heater’s exhaust line may be blocked. For example, deep snow inside the front right-hand wheel housing can obstruct the heater’s ventilation.

Remember that the preconditioning can be started by a timer that has been set for a long time in advance.


If there is a smell of fuel or there are unusual amounts of smoke, black smoke or unusual sounds of burning coming from the parking heater, switch off the heater and, if possible, pull out its fuse. Volvo recommends that an authorised Volvo workshop should be contacted for repair.
  1. * Option/accessory.