Checking and filling with engine oil

The oil level is detected with the electronic oil level sensor.
P5-1507 Filler cap
Filler pipe1.

In some cases, oil may need to be topped up between service intervals.

Action with regard to engine oil level does not need to be taken until a message is shown in the driver display.


P5-1519 Symbol Oil Level Service Required

If this symbol is shown together with the message Engine oil level Service required, visit a workshop - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended. The oil level may be too high.


P5-1519 Symbol Oil Level Service Required

If this symbol is shown together with a message about low oil level, such as Engine oil level low Top up 0.5 litres of engine oil for example, only fill the volume specified, such as 0.5 litres, for example.


Do not spill oil onto the hot exhaust manifold due to the risk of fire.

Check the oil level


Open the Car status app from the app view in the centre display and press Status to display oil level.

P5-1507 Oil graphic in centerdisplay
Graphics for oil level in the centre display.

The oil level is checked using the electronic oil level gauge in the centre display when the engine is switched off.


The system cannot directly detect changes when the oil is filled or drained. The car must have been driven approx. 30 km and have been stationary for 5 minutes with the engine switched off and on level ground before the oil level indication is correct.


If the right conditions for measuring the oil level (time after engine shutdown, the car's inclination, outside temperature, etc.) are not met, then the message No values available will be shown in the centre display. This does not mean that there is something wrong in the car's systems.
  1. 1 Engines with electronic oil level sensor do not have a dipstick.