Lowering backrests in the third seat row*

The third seat row has two individual seats. These can be lowered forward individually.


To be able to lower the third seat row backrests, it may be necessary to change the position and angle of the seats in the second seat row.
P5-1546--3rd seat row-Manually folding with handle
Pull upward/forward on the handle that is located on the top of the backrest.
Make sure that the backrest with head restraint does not come into contact with the seat in front when lowered. Fold the backrest forward.
The seat cushion folds down/forward when the backrest is lowered in order to create a flat surface. The head restraint lowers automatically when the rear seat is lowered.

To raise the seat, raise the backrest manually until it locks. The head restraint is raised manually.


Check that the backrests and head restraints in the rear seat are locked properly after being folded up.
  1. * Option/accessory.