Table for location of ISOFIX child seats

The table gives a recommendation for which ISOFIX child seats suit which locations, and for what size of child.

The child seat must be approved in accordance with UN Reg R44 and the car model must be included in the manufacturer's vehicle list.


Always read the section "Child seats" before fitting a child seat in the car.
WeightSize class1Type of child seatFront seat (with deactivated airbag)2Second row of seats, outer seatSecond row of seats, centre seatThird seat row*

Group 0

max 10 kg

ERear-facing infant seatIL2, 3, X4IL3XX

Group 0+

max 13 kg

ERear-facing infant seatIL2, 3, X4IL3XX
CRear-facing child seat
DRear-facing child seat

Group 1

9-18 kg

AFront-facing child seatIL2, 5, X4IL5, IUF5XX
BFront-facing child seat
B1Front-facing child seat
CRear-facing child seatIL2, X4IL6XX
DRear-facing child seat

IL: Suitable for particular ISOFIX child restraint systems. These child restraint systems are those of the specific vehicle, restricted or semi-universal categories.

IUF: Suitable for ISOFIX forward child restraint systems of universal category approved for use in the mass group.

X: Not suitable for ISOFIX child restraint systems.


Never place the child in the passenger seat if the car is fitted with an activated airbag.


If an i-Size/ISOFIX child seat has no size classification, the car model must be included on the vehicle list for the child seat.


Volvo recommends contacting an authorised Volvo dealer for information about which i-Size/ISOFIX child seats Volvo recommends.
  1. 1 For child seats with the ISOFIX fixture system there is a size classification to help users choose the right type of child seat. The size class can be read on the child seat's label.
  2. 2 Works for the installation of ISOFIX child seats that are semi-universally approved (IL) if the car is equipped with the ISOFIX console accessory (the accessory range varies depending on market).
  3. * Option/accessory.
  4. 3 Volvo recommends: Volvo infant seat secured using the ISOFIX fixture system (type approval E1 04301146).
  5. 4 Applicable if the car is not fitted with an ISOFIX bracket.
  6. 5 Volvo recommends rear-facing child seats for this group.
  7. 6 Volvo recommends: BeSafe iZi Kid X3 ISOfix (type approval E5 04200).