Front fog lamps/cornering lights*

The front fog lamps have cornering lights that shine diagonally to the side.
P5-1507 Button, front fog light
Button for front fog lamps.

The front fog lamps can be switched on when ignition position II is active or the engine is running and the stalk switch's rotating ring is in position P5-1707 Symbol AUTO, P5-1507 Symbol low beam or P5-1507 Symbol position light.

Press the on/off button. The indicator symbol P5-1507 Symbol Fog light front in the driver display illuminates when the front fog lamps are switched on.

The front fog lamps are switched off automatically when the ignition knob is turned to STOP or when the stalk switch's rotating ring is turned to position P5-1507 Symbol zero (light).


Regulations on the use of fog lamps vary from country to country.

Cornering lights

The front fog lamps include the Cornering lights function, which temporarily illuminates the area diagonally in front of the car in the direction the steering wheel is turned on a sharp bend, or in the direction shown by the direction indicators.

The function is activated when main beam or dipped beam is used and the car's speed is lower than approx. 30 km/h (20 mph).

In addition, both cornering lights are switched on as a supplement to the reversing lamp during reversing.

  1. * Option/accessory.