Towing capacity and towball load

Towing capacity and towball load for driving with a trailer can be read in the tables.

Max. weight braked trailer


The use of a stabiliser hitch on the towing bracket is recommended for trailers heavier than 1800 kg.
EngineEngine code1GearboxMax. weight braked trailer (kg)Max. towball load (kg)
T5 AWDB4204T20Automatic, TG-81SC2400140
T5 AWDB4204T23Automatic, TG-81SC2400140
T6 AWDB4204T27Automatic, TG-81SC2700140
D4D4204T14Automatic, TG-81SC1800140
D4 AWDD4204T6Automatic, TG-81SC2400140
D5 AWDD4204T11Automatic, TG-81SC2700140


When driving with a trailer, it is permitted to exceed the vehicle's gross vehicle weight (including towball load) by a maximum of 100 kg, provided that speed is limited to 100 km/h (62 mph). National legal requirements for the vehicle combination, such as speed, etc. must be observed.

Max. weight unbraked trailer

Max. weight unbraked trailer (kg)Max. towball load (kg)
  1. 1 The engine code, component number and serial number can be found on the engine.

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