Daytime running lights

The daytime running lights are switched on when the rotating ring on the stalk switch is in position P5-1507 Symbol zero (light), P5-1507 Symbol position light or P5-1707 Symbol AUTO as well as when the car's electrical system is in ignition position II or the engine is running. For the P5-1707 Symbol AUTO position, this only applies in daylight. In other conditions, dipped beam is switched on instead.

Daytime running lights during the day. DRL

P5-1507 Stalk with turning ring, low beam
Stalk switch rotating ring in AUTO position.

If the stalk switch rotating ring is in the P5-1707 Symbol AUTO position, the daytime running lights (Daytime Running Lights - DRL) are switched on when the car is driven in daylight. The car automatically switches the lighting from daytime running lights to dipped beam at twilight or when daylight becomes too weak. Switching to dipped beam also takes place when the rear fog lamps are activated.


This system help to save energy - it cannot determine in all situations when daylight is too weak or sufficiently strong, e.g. in mist and rain.

The driver is always responsible for ensuring that the car is driven with the correct beam pattern for the traffic situation and in accordance with applicable traffic regulations.