Guidance settings

Settings are selected here for how guidance should be presented.
P5-1546-Navi-Inställn. Vägledning

Menu path:


(Settings > Navigation > Guidance)

Settings can be made within the following areas:
  • Voice Guidance (Guidance level)
  • POI Along Route (POI along route)

Level for voice guidance

Determine information amount in voice guidance - select one of the following options:
  • None (None) - No automatic voice guidance but the possibility of manually requesting current voice guidance once.
  • Low (Low) - Only one message per guidance point.
  • Moderate (Moderate) - Up to 3 messages per guidance point, with limited information.
  • Full (Full) - Up to 4 messages per guidance point and all available information.

POIs along route

Choose whether or not POI Along Route shall be shown on the map:
  • Yes/No

The list is selected automatically when travelling on a motorway. For more information see the "POIs along the route" section.