Updating map data via PC and USB

Before updating via a USB memory, some details must be attended to.


1507-P5-Nav-MapCare Princip USB
Diagram of updating process via computer and USB memory.

USB memory

The following requirements apply if a USB memory is to manage an update:

USB standard (1.0/2.0/3.0):At least 2.0
File system (Ext2/NTFS/FAT32):FAT32
Capacity (8/16/32/64 GB):The size of the map files is market related - see file size under "Detailed information" for each respective market on Volvo Cars support page (support.volvocars.com).

Current map version

1507-P5-Navi Karta Uppdat-1
Examples of regions in the map data - press the DOWN arrow for more information.
1507-P5-Navi Karta Uppdat-2
An example of a region - one press on "Set as home region" (Set as home region) makes it the home region.

First, find out which map version is loaded in the car before the map data download is started. This can be done as follows:

Open the Remote update service app from the app view.
A download application is started and an icon in the Maps button shows how many updates are available.
Press the Maps button to show a list of available updates.
Mark the applicable region - press the DOWN arrow for information on the current version of map data or press Install (Install) to see if there is a newer version.

Downloading of map data from the Internet to a USB memory

From a computer with Internet access - connect to Volvo Cars support page (support.volvocars.com) and follow the instructions on the computer screen.
Press "Detailed information" for the region that is to be updated.
A map image with information about the latest map data for the region is shown — verify that it is newer than the version in the car.
Connect a USB memory to the computer and download the update to the USB memory.

The time taken to download the data varies according to the map file size and the connection's bandwidth.

Transferring map data from a USB to the car


A transfer may take 30-60 minutes, depending on the map file size, and the navigation/infotainment system must be activated.

A battery charger should be connected in order not to risk draining the starter battery during the update. An update can also be performed while driving.

During an update of a complete map database the following infotainment functions are not available or are limited:

  • Navigation
  • Voice command
  • Details/media stored on the hard disk drive


Activate the navigation system in accordance with the earlier section "Current map version".
Connect the USB memory to the car's USB socket.

The navigation system automatically detects that an update is available, then during the update the screen shows how much of the process remains, counted in %.

To start the update, the driver must tap on Confirm - or on Cancel to cancel it.

Tap on Confirm - The update starts and information is shown in the centre display about how the process is progressing.
The screen shows when the transfer is complete - at which point, remove the USB memory.
Verify that the correct map data have been transferred to the car by repeating the steps described under the previous heading "Current map version".


What happens if...Answer
...the Infotainment system is switched off during the update?The process pauses and resumes automatically from where it stopped when the system is reactivated, e.g. when the engine is started.
...the USB memory is pulled out before the update is complete?The process pauses and resumes automatically from where it stopped when the USB memory is reconnected to the car.

If there is an interruption during an update an explanatory text message is always shown on the centre display.

For further information - see Volvo Cars support page (support.volvocars.com) or contact a Volvo dealer.