Select detour

If the driver wants to avoid the nearest segment of a route, e.g. because the road is closed, the Detour function can be selected.


1507-P5-Navi Välj omväg-1
Button for "Detour" (Detour).
1. Press the Detour (Detour) button - an alternative route is shown on the map, together with information about how much longer or shorter the route is and the estimated journey time.
Normally only a short detour is proposed which quickly rejoins the original route of the itinerary.
P5-1507-Navi Välj omväg-2
The detour and its details are shown.
2. If the suggestion is accepted: Press the sign with detour information.
If the suggestion is not accepted: Press the X button (Cancel). Guidance will then resume with the current route.
1507-P5-Navi Välj omväg-3
The detour is activated.
3. After the proposal is accepted, guidance is resumed - now with the detour selected as the route.

An alternative to the Detour (Detour) function is to choose another road and diverge from the itinerary's route - the system then updates the route automatically and continues guidance to the destination along the most suitable route.

Another way to select an alternative route is given in the "Itinerary and Alternative route" section.