Managing speed for the Speed limiter

The Speed limiter (Speed Limiter - SL) can be set to different speeds.
P5-1546-SL rattknappar-1
Buttons and symbols for functions.
Change the stored maximum speed with short or long presses on the steering wheel button P5-1507-Symbol 5x3,5-CC rattknapp + (1) or - (3):
  • To adjust +/– 5 km/h (+/– 5 mph): use short presses - each press gives +/– 5 km/h (+/– 5 mph).
  • To change in steps of +/– 1 km/h (+/– 1 mph): hold the button depressed and release it when the indicator (4) in the driver display shows the desired maximum speed.
The speed set after the last press is stored in the memory.