Traffic information

The navigation system continuously receives transmitted information about traffic flow and events.


Traffic information is not available in all areas/countries.

Coverage areas for traffic information are being increased continuously.

In the "Traffic settings" section the driver can define a number of settings.

Directly on the map

P5-1507-NAVI-Trafikinfo on Map
Example of traffic information.

Traffic disturbances such as compact and slow traffic, road works, accidents etc. are shown with different symbols on the map.

When disturbances are more severe their extent is also shown with a RED line along the side of the road, e.g. in the event of road works. The line indicates at the same time in which travel direction the disturbance applies - if the disturbance is in both directions the road section is marked with a line on both sides.

  • Press the traffic disturbance symbol - an information card is shown.

The information can describe for example the position of the disturbance with the street name or road number, and the disturbance's nature, extent or duration.

If the disturbance is situated on the route the Avoid option can be selected. The system then calculates an alternative route.

Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI)1

With an Internet-connected car, real time traffic information can be received via the Internet with RTTI2.

  1. 1 Applies to certain markets.
  2. 2 RTTI = Real Time Traffic Information (Real Time Traffic Information)