Sensus Navigation (2016) map download

A navigation system that was introduced in 2015. The map is stored on an internal hard disk drive. Updates are made using a USB stick (64 GB) and the maps are downloaded for free from the Volvo Cars Support website.

Indonesia, Philippines

Indonesia, Philippines

3 GB

Indonesia, Philippines

Software details

Planned update20/10/2022
This software is applicable to
S60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid2021,2022
S60 Twin Engine2020
S90 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid2021
S90 Twin Engine2018,2019,2020
V60 Cross Country2020
V60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid2021,2022
V60 Twin Engine2019,2020
V90 Cross Country2018,2019,2020
V90 Twin Engine2018,2019,2020
XC40 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid2021,2022
XC40 Twin Engine2020
XC60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid2021
XC60 Twin Engine2018,2019,2020
XC90 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid2021,2022
XC90 Twin Engine2016,2017,2018,2019,2020

Step by step download guide

  1. Download selected update to an empty USB memory stick
    • Select download for Mac or Windows
    • Select "Run" to install the download manager
    • Follow instructions in download manager
    • Save downloaded update on an empty USB memory stick
    • N.B. A download may take several hours to execute depending on internet connection and file size
  2. Install update in your car
    • Switch on the infotainment system
    • Insert the USB memory stick into the USB port
    • Follow instructions on center display
  3. Wait for upload in your car
    • The upload can take 15 minutes up to several hours depending on product and file size