Remote control

Remote control* - functions

Updated 7/23/2018

Possible functions to be controlled using the remote control.



F = Front display screen

L and R = Not possible options.

Change to navigation*

Change to radio source (e.g. AM)

Change to media source (e.g. Disc, TV*)

Change to Bluetooth® handsfree

Scroll/fast rewind, change track/song



Scroll/fast forward, change track/song


To previous, cancels function, deletes input characters

Navigate up/down

Navigate right/left

Confirm selection or go to the menu system for the selected source

Volume, decrease

Volume, increase


Preset channels, number and letter input

Shortcuts for favourite setting

Information about the current programme, song, etc. Also used when there is more information available than can be shown in the display screen

Selection of language for soundtrack

Subtitles, selection of language for text

Teletext*, On/Off

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