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Function view in centre display

Updated 7/23/2018

All the buttons for car functions are located in the function view, one of the centre display's basic views. Navigate to the function view from home view by swiping from left to right across the screenApplies to left-hand drive cars. For right-hand drive cars - swipe in the opposite direction..

Different types of buttons

There are three different types of buttons for car functions; see below:

Type of button


Affects car function

Function buttons

Have on/off positions.

When a function is running, an LED indicator illuminates to the left of the icon for the button. Press the button to activate/deactivate a function.

Most buttons in function view are function buttons.

Trigger buttons

Do not have on/off positions.

When a trigger button is depressed, a window for the function is opened. For example, it may be a window to change seat position.

  • Camera
  • Headrest Fold
  • Head-up Display Adjustments

Parking buttons

Have on, off and scan modes.

Similar to the function buttons but with an extra position for parking scanning.

  • Park In
  • Park Out

The buttons' different modes

P5-1507-Function button on

When the LED indicator illuminates in green on a function or parking button, the function is activated. When a function is activated, extra text with an explanation for certain functions is shown. The text is shown for a few seconds and then the button is shown with the LED indicator illuminated.

For Lane Keeping Aid, the text Works only at certain speeds is shown, for example, when the button is depressed.

Press the button once briefly to activate or deactivate the function.

P5-1507-Function button off

The function is deactivated when the LED indicator is extinguished.

P5-1507-Function button error

When a warning triangle is shown in the right-hand section of the button there is something not working as intended.

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