Road Sign Information

Road Sign Information with Speed Camera Information

Updated 7/9/2020

Road Sign Information with Speed Camera Information

A car equipped with RSIRoad Sign Information and Sensus Navigation* can provide information on an upcoming speed camera in the driver display.

P5-1519-XC90H-RSI med Fartkamera

Speed camera information in the driver displayNOTE: The illustration is schematic - details may vary depending on car model and market/area..

P5-1519-Trafikskyltsinfo Symbol fartkamera

If the car exceeds a detected speed limit with the Speed Limit Warning function activated, a speed warning is given when the car approaches a speed camera, provided that the navigation map for the area in question contains information on speed cameras.

For more information about speed warning in connection with speed camera - see also the sections "Road Sign Information with Speed Warning and Settings" and "Road Sign Information limitations".


  • To get an acoustic warning if you exceed the required speed, the Speed Limit Warning function must be activated and the Road Sign Audio Warning subfunction must be set to On. An acoustic warning is then given if the car's speed exceeds the speed indicated by the RSI function in the driver display.
  • An option is available to receive an acoustic warning for speed cameras independently of the car's speed and exceeded speed limit, and even if the Road Sign Audio Warning function is deactivated: See heading "Speed camera warning On/Off" in the "Road Sign Information with speed warning and settings" section, and there select Speed Camera Audio Warning.
  • Information about speed cameras on the navigation map is not available for all markets/areas.

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